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Dede Beasley has worked with many of my clients, providing individual and group therapy through equine-assisted modalities.  The range of clientele includes individuals with severe childhood trauma, mental illness, chemical and process addictions as well as eating disorders.  Her ability to work with all kinds of individuals is vast.  She is creative in problem solving as she uses somatic and experiential modalities to help individuals.


As a facilitator of a program designed for partners of persons in treatment for addictions, I have been able to work with Ms. Beasley who provides a unique aspect for couple’s equine therapy.  Even those who may be in distress or unable to work with their spouse or partner will still benefit from the session through her creative means.


I highly recommend Dede Beasley for any opportunity in the mental health field.  Her years of experience in the field, coupled with her unique and creative techniques make her one of the most amazing therapists, I have known.

 Please contact me if you would like any additional information about Ms. Beasley.


-Cathy Wixon, MA, ASAT

Tennessee Supreme Court Rule 31 Family Mediator




Dede is the perfect person to lead our Equine Therapy program at Youth Villages.  She is such a calm and caring presence for our children who have a lot of emotional and behavioral issues.  Our kids trust her and cannot wait to visit her at the stable each week.  The way she works with each child individually is truly unique and special.  She teaches them how to work safely and develop a relationship with the animals.  Usualy, the first time we bring the kids to the stable, they are afraid of the horses, but with Dede's reassurance and guidance, they are able to groom, feed and even lead the horses.  It is a joy to work with Dede and witness the impact she has with all of our kids.

-Lyndsay Berry Wilkinson, MA
Development Manager
Youth Villages
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