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Often the best way to teach people about equine-assisted psychotherapy in general, and my Experientical Equine Counseling model specifically, is through demonstration. Each of these videos can do some of that. The first video is a brief introduction to what I call First Equine and the second (excerpt from BBC documentary) is a short sample of me doing the work. (Of course keep in mind that if I am doing my job as a counselor correctly, each session for each client will be different. One size does not fit all.)

Learn more about Dede's FIRST EQUINE
Like all good therapy, equine work is a collaboration. In this case, collaboration between my client, the horses and me. 
Speaking for myself and my co-therapists (the horses) I tell new clients this: We will work WITH you but not ON you.
Excerpt of Dede's work 
from BBC Documentary about
The Ranch Treatment Center
(Dede worked at The Ranch from 2000 - 2015)
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