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DEDE holds an M.Ed. from Vanderbilt University and is a licensed professional counselor (Tennessee). She also completed two (2) years of post-graduate training with The New Symphony Center in Atlanta. Georgia. She is certified by that organization as Level-II as an Integrative Group Psychotherapist.
Among the multitude of training events and programs in which Dede has participated, she draws strongly on her training with Albert Pesso on The Pesso-Borden Psychomotor Therapy. Her integration of the Pesso-Borden model into here equine counseling is an essential part of what makes Dede's work so innovative and unique.
Dede has been certified by the Council of Horsemanship and Safety for thirty (30) years. She is also certified as an Equine Interactional Professional (CEIP-MH). She is also a member of the Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship International (PATH), The Council for Horsemanship and Safety Association (CHA) and the Tennessee Licensed Professional Counselor Association (TLPCA).

Dede Beasley

DEDE sees individual clients and facilitates groups on her farm, just a 20-minute drive from Nashville. The pastoral setting is a perfect fit with Dede's relaxed, gentle approach to working with clients. She is a highly effective, innovative, experiential therapist, working with addiction, codependence, depression, relationship issues and post-traumatic stress disorder.


In addition to her general counseling practice, Dede brings her own distinctive approach with equine-assisted psychotherapy to the services she offers.


Her approach to experiential equine counseling is a unique blend of her knowledge of horses, general principles of equine-assisted psychotherapy and her in-depth training with experiential therapy methods. She has developed equine therapy programs for addiction and dual-diagnosis treatment centers in Middle Tennessee, including The Ranch, Cumberland Heights, Onsite and Youth Villages. Dede's work (via her equine work at The Ranch) has been featured in a BBC documentary.


Therapy with Dede can involve anything from working in her therapy room, to talking on the back deck, to taking a walk in the woods, to spending time with her "co-therapists" (the horses).


Dede is also an enlightening and entertaining speaker and trainer.

To learn more or to schedule a consultation:

Call: 615-308-5564 or email:

DEDE lives on a small farm just outside of Nasville, Tennessee with her husband, psychotherpist and author Thom Rutledge, along with their menagerie of horses, dogs, ducks, cats and goats. In addition to her contract work and workshops, she maintains a private practice on their farm.
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